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bendi very narrow aisle forkliftJ.H. Thomas Industries provides multifunction material handling tools that are not constrained by their types of loads, or limitations forced upon them by their operating environment. 

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Bendi forklifts provide a method of effectively moving pallets both inside and outside of your facility.  The unique Bendi design enables you to expand usable space in a cramped warehouse by compressing your aisles down to as little as 5'-10"!  Available as a propane or battery operated forklift; Bendi forklifts feature all the flexibility of a counterbalanced forklift while allowing you to work in a very narrow aisle environment.  With the Bendi solution provided by J.H. Thomas Industries, you can virtually eliminate the need for multiple pieces of forklift equipment, double handling of product, and space limitations imposed by your traditional counterbalanced or reach trucks. 





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